DCS Services

Home Based Therapy

Each client shall be seen in individual sessions at the frequency denoted on the Master Treatment Plan to accomplish the following:

  1. Complete the bio-psychosocial assessment, treatment planning, progress monitoring and discharge planning.
  2. To establish a therapeutic relationship with the clients that can be utilized to support clients to successfully complete treatment.
  3. Provide privacy for discussion of personal problems that the client is unable or is inappropriate to share in group.
  4. Treatment Plan Reviews are conducted to assess the need for continued therapy or discharge.


Home Based Case Management

Our case managers are the client’s connection to the community and to support them in successfully completing treatment.  We want to focus on the client’s strengths.  The case manager will be the clients helper and advocate.  He/She will help the client consider major life areas such as living arrangements, vocational/educational goals, financial situations, physical and mental health, recreational/leisure time activities, as well as establishing and maintaining abstinence from all mood altering substances.  The case manager will provide intensive/aggressive support when needed.

The case manager will provide services in the client’s home, schools, work places, in the community and/or wherever needed.


Home Based Parent Aide

The primary goal of Parent Aide:

  • Advise the family in the privacy of their home to deal with problems, such as nutrition, cleanliness, and household utilities: They will advise and assist the family members in planning nutritious meals, purchasing and preparing foods, and utilizing commodities from surplus food   programs.
  • They will assist the head of the household in training and disciplining children, assign and   schedule housekeeping duties to children according to their capabilities, and encourage the parents to take interest in children’s schoolwork and assist them in establishing good study habits.
  • Our Parent Aides will explain fundamental hygiene principles and render bedside care to individuals who are ill, and trains other family members to provide the required care.
  • They will participate in evaluating needs of the client, and confer with the Caseworker to plan for continuing additional services.


Substance Use Outpatient Treatment

CCFES staff provides assessment and on-going treatment related to substance use. We will work with families and children providing services for clients of all ages with substance related disorder and at minimal manageable medical conditions, minimal withdrawal risk, or emotional, behavioral cognitive conditions that will not prevent the client from benefiting from this level of care.

*Our addiction counseling will be provided on an individual and group basis.

Parent Education

CCFES parent education is structured as a one to one relationship with a client for the purpose of addressing identified needs in an educational setting. Services are implemented to achieve outcomes identified in the service coordination plan. Behavioral plan are individualized, strength based and implemented to improve educational/social functional and/or assist transition.

It is designed to strengthen and support families and communities to prevent child abuse and neglect. The parent/education program can help parents acquire parenting and problem-solving skills necessary to build a healthy family.

Supervised Visitation

Child and family services are community-based, involve community organizations, parents and residents in their design and delivery, and are accountable to the community and the client�����s needs.

Home Based Services are focused on the family as a whole; families are partners in identifying and meeting individual and family needs; and family strengths are identified, enhanced, respected, and mobilized to help families solve the problems which compromise their functioning and well-being.