Educational Services

Day Treatment

CCFES Day Treatment Offers:

  1. Education provided in small classes with a strong emphasis on individualized instruction.
  2. Child and family services, such as family counseling, parent training
  3.  Short term individual counseling����������������������������������with parents and assistance with specific tangible needs (housing, transportation and medical care).
  4. Age appropriate independent living skills and vocational training.
  5. Crisis intervention
  6. Social skills training
  7. Behavior management
  8. Physical education, art, music and other electives, including computer training.
  9. Transitional services into general educational classes.
  10. Life skills training
  11. Community service projects
  12. Anger management
  13. Substance abuse education and counseling


CCFES mentoring is designed to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they use their potential skills, and become the person they want  to be. CCFES is there every step of the way.

Capitol City Scholars – Coming Soon!!!

Capitol City Scholars welcomes children of all abilities, with the commitment to provide quality care and education to each child. We believe every child is a unique individual with varying needs.