Individual Therapy

Each client shall be seen in individual sessions at the frequency denoted on the Master Treatment Plan to accomplish the following:

  1. Complete the bio-psychosocial assessment, treatment planning, progress monitoring and discharge planning.
  2. To establish a therapeutic relationship with the clients that can be utilized to support clients to successfully complete treatment.
  3. Provide privacy for discussion of personal problems that the client is unable or is inappropriate to share in group.
  4. Treatment Plan Reviews are conducted to assess the need for continued therapyor discharge.


Family Therapy

Often our clients are members of dysfunctional families with poor communication skills, inappropriate limit setting or behavioral expectations.  Hence, aforementioned is associated with poor treatment outcomes.  The focus of family treatment is to elicit family support for abstinence, evaluating family issues and providing them with educational information.  They can provide information about the client’s attitude towards drug use, status of contact with drug peers, or general involvement with the family and enhancing treatment completion and successful outcomes.


Group Therapy

The department/programs preferred mode of treatment in group therapies.  Group therapy offers clients an opportunity to identify with their peers who are going through similar problems, to understand the impact of drugs and alcohol, and/or their behavior on their lives, to process their feelings and enhance knowledge about others feelings and reactions, and learn to communicate needs, problems and feeling more appropriately.  Groups can also be used to discuss and review the treatment plan, monitor behavior in an effort to avoid relapse.  Also, when relapse occurs groups can be used to help re-establish abstinence.  Participation in group enhances continued abstinence by providing an opportunity for staff and group members to monitor early signs of relapse.  Groups are designed to be to determine discharge.


Substance Use Treatment

CCFES staff provides assessment and on-going treatment related to substance use. We will work with families and children providing services for clients of all ages with substance related disorder and at minimal manageable medical conditions, minimal withdrawal risk, or emotional, behavioral cognitive conditions that will not prevent the client from benefiting from this level of care.

*Our addiction counseling will be provided on an individual and group basis.