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“Strengthening Our Community One Family At A Time”



CCFS tutoring services will be provided through direct one-on-one sessions or in small groups of 2 to 4 youth who are matched by ability. Services will take place in locations that promote learning, are large enough to accommodate the group, allow the youth to concentrate without being disturbed by others, and allow for direct assistance. Tutoring services will take place after school, on weekends, and/or other times when school is not in session. Services will not exceed 2 hours per day. Tutoring will not conclude later than normal bedtime hours. Services will incorporate evidence-based strategies that improve student achievement. CCFS will suggest activities as appropriate. CCFS team members will complete observation forms as requested by DCS or the local school system.


CCFES therapist provide structured, goal-oriented therapy in the natural environment of families who need assistance recovering from physical, sexual, and /or emotional abuse and neglect.

DCS Services

CCFES staff provides support to families while acting as a role models and by educating parents on alternate parenting methods to prevent any abuse.